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Piglet on a factory farm
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Call To Action (CTA) Stop Horrific Animal Slaughter on Farms
CTA Sub-heading

Tell the government and the meat industry: No stimulus funds for animal cruelty

Action Title Take Action Now!
Action paragraph

The powerful meat industry is asking the federal government for a bailout as they conduct horrific mass killing of animals on farms. Tell the USDA not to use taxpayer dollars—in the form of stimulus funds—to pay for this animal cruelty. 


Citing business disruptions related to COVID-19, the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) is seeking a bailout from the federal government as they slaughter animals on farms and discard baby pigs. In Delaware, a chicken company has already directed farmers to kill millions of chickens. More members of the National Chicken Council (NCC) may soon do the same.


The methods used to slaughter animals en masse on farms, such as covering them with a layer of foam that blocks their airways to suffocate them—which takes up to four and a half minutes—are particularly cruel.


It doesn’t have to be this way.


In connection with our Transfarmation Project, Mercy For Animals sent a letter to Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue urging distribution of relief funds to farmers looking to become a solution to our broken factory farming system by transitioning to plant based farming. 


Use your voice to urge the USDA, the NCC, and the NPPC to find long-term, systemic solutions. Taxpayer dollars and government bailouts should help farmers improve practices, diversify, and transition to plant based farming—not prop up animal abuse and en masse slaughter.


Step 1 Title Sign the Petition
Step 1 Text

Tell the government and the meat industry: No stimulus funds for cruel animal slaughter on farms.





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