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Piglet on a factory farm
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Call To Action (CTA) Pledge to go Meat-Free in Solidarity.
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Stand with millions of animals and the thousands of workers whose lives are at stake.

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Slaughterhouses are COVID-19 hotspots, and workers are sick and dying. As plants shut down across the country, countless animals are being killed on farms in ways even more horrific than the slaughter line.


The meat industry treats animals and workers as expendable—and profits as they suffer.


They are not expendable

As part of a coalition of social justice organizations, Mercy For Animals is calling on meat companies to eliminate some of the worst animal cruelty in their operations while adequately protecting vulnerable workers. Pledge to go #MeatFreeInSolidarity with animals and the workers whose lives are at stake, and join us in urging meat companies to meet the demands below. 

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Take the pledge to go Meat-Free in Solidarity with the animals and workers who are treated as expendable by the meat industry.





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In solidarity with animals and workers, Mercy For Animals is calling on meat producers to take these actions:

  • Slow slaughter lines to prevent some of the worst cruelty and improve protection for workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Faster slaughter speeds raise the likelihood that animals will be conscious as they are killed, making animal slaughter even more cruel. 
  • Eliminate live-shackle slaughter for all poultry slaughter facilities. In a live-shackle slaughter facility, live birds are pulled or dumped from the crates they are transported in, roughly hung upside down by their legs, and slaughtered—sometimes while fully conscious and able to feel pain. The process is cruel to animals and unnecessarily dangerous for workers. 

As part of a coalition of social justice organizations, we also support these commonsense worker protection reforms:

  • Provide paid leave for workers who test positive for COVID-19 and workers in close contact with infected people
  • Supply personal protective equipment, including new respirators, with fit testing and training on donning and doffing to all workers in languages they understand
  • Enforce physical distancing and slow down lines for poultry, pigs, and cattle, even if a line-speed waiver has been granted
  • Make daily testing available for workers and their communities and disclose COVID-19 cases in any facilities
  • Stop all efforts to attain line-speed waivers for any species
  • Implement systems and policies to protect workers from retaliation and encourage workplace safety and risk reporting, including reporting mechanisms and employee training