Pass the New Jersey Crate-Ban Bill

The New Jersey Senate is considering a bill that would ban extreme confinement of mother pigs and baby calves, and animals need your help now

Most mother pigs used by the pork industry are confined in gestation crates, metal cages barely larger than the pigs’ bodies. Their muscles and bones deteriorate through lack of movement, and these intelligent animals are denied any mental stimulation. Veal crates are similarly cruel. Calves raised for veal are taken away from their mothers within days or even hours of birth and locked in crates so tiny the babies can hardly move. 


Speak up for animals by urging your state senator to co-sponsor S. 3401, legislation that would ban cruel gestation and veal crates in New Jersey. Your voice matters most to your legislators. By making your voice heard, you’re ensuring a better life for countless pigs and calves.


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